Chemical Treatment

  1. ABS or other polymer raw materials (PC-ABS, PA..)
  2. Chemical etching :
  3. Creation of a conductive layer on the surface of the part by oxidation to create sites to hang for Metallic layer.
  4. Activation :
    Introduction in the micro-holes of Colloidal Palladium which will catalyses the chemical nickel reduction.
  5. Acceleration :
    To activate the catalyst by eliminating  the protective layer of Colloid (SnCl2.
  6. Chemical nickel :
    Deposit of a thin layer of Nickel so that the part become conductive.

Electrolytic treatment

Are successively apply on chemical deposit :

  1. Pre-copper : re-enforce the thickness  of metal layer.
  2. Copper : Basis of the coating
  3. Nickel : To protect the copper from corrosion with various specific treatments : “semi-bright”, shining, satin, crystal, matt, micro-cracked, micro-porous.
  4. Chromium (*) : to protect the nickel layer and final finish of the part.

Sarrel already has electrolytic coating solutions without Hexavalent Chromium . These processes are already installed and validated by several OEMs. In 2024, we plan to increase our capacity.

* or other finish : dark chromium, trivalent chromium ...